Rocketr Helps Charities Accept Bitcoin Cash Donations Without Fees

Rocketr is a popular service when it comes to dealing with Bitcoin Cash. They are one of the few gateways supporting this altcoin as of right now. It is a convenient solution for merchants, entrepreneurs, and even charities. Speaking of which, there is no fee for charities to accept BCH donations. It may seem like a small feature, but it may help put Bitcoin Cash on the global map in a positive manner.

Over the years, several charities have begun accepting cryptocurrency donations. In most cases that functionality is limited to using Bitcoin. Given the current fee issues and slower transactions, accepting Bitcoin is not necessarily the best solution. Rocketr acknowledges this problem and wants to lend a helping hand. Their support for Bitcoin Cas will be extended to charities without any additional fees.

Rocketr Continues to Impress

It is good to see such a charitable service for charities. After all, cryptocurrency donations can do a lot of good for people in need. It has become somewhat less popular in the past few years, though. Fewer people are outspoken about donating Bitcoin to a good cause it seems. This may be due to mounting fees and slower transactions. Whether or not Rocketr can make a big impact in this regard, remains to be seen. Having the option at one’s disposal can only be considered to be a good thing.

We do not currently have any service built specifically for charities. However, if a charity wishes to use our platform to accept BCH we will reduce our service charge to 0% ????

— Rocketr (@RocketrNet) January 2, 2018

This does mean everyone else will pay a service charge for accepting Bitcoin Cash. Even so, it is a very small and acceptable fee. Bitcoin Cash has been making a big impact in this regard. It is the cheaper and faster version of Bitcoin which most people are looking for. Unfortunately, Bitcoin itself isn’t capable of providing those features in its current form. It’s not surprising payment processors look beyond the world’s leading cryptocurrency in this regard. Rocketr is one of the companies taking this proactive approach.

The big question is how charities will respond to this news. More specifically, no one has shown any interest in dealing with currencies other than Bitcoin so far. Not entirely surprising, given the low price of most other currencies Bitcoin Cash, currently valued higher than even Ethereum, may make a meaningful impact on charities all over the world. With the help of Rocketr. that may happen sooner than people would think. If the company “markets” this service properly, that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

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