Ronnie Moas: bitcoin price will reach $ 300 000

Financial analyst and strategist Ronnie Moas (Ronnie Moas), founder of Standpoint Research, have updated their predictions of bitcoin prices. Now he predicts that the price of cryptocurrencies will reach $ 300,000. Previously, Moas said that the cost of bitcoin by 2027 will rise to $ 50,000, and in 2018 the price of a coin will
$ 6,000.

In a recent CNBC broadcast Moas changed my previous opinion:

«I think eventually bitcoin will reach a cost of 300 000 to 400 000 dollars – it will become the most valuable currency in the world.»

Referring to the rally of recent months, he added, «Bitcoin has increased by 500% since I started recommending it in early July. I expect it will grow by 500% from current prices».

Moas believes that the rapid growth of bitcoin is still far from complete due to the nature of its limited supply:

«I don’t know how much gold there is on earth, but I know how many bitcoins, and in two years the world will have 300 million people trying to get a few million bitcoins. A stunning imbalance of supply and demand — that will enhance prices».

Comments Mouse accompany the growing global interest in bitcoin, as its price continues to grow thanks to hedge funds facing the cryptocurrency market, to benefit from a rally. Currently, more than 75 cryptocurrency foundations, and private banks are beginning to show interest in the world’s leading digital currency.

Moas believes that the best way to benefit from the growth in value of the currency is to buy it and make a profit with increasing prices.

«I look at bitcoin the same way I look on Amazon. Playing with shares of Amazon for the last 15 years was to buy and store them. I think that the same people have to do with bitcoin», — he explained.

The analyst and investor tai Lopez (Tai Lopez) suggested that if millionaires all over the world investing only 1% of their money in bitcoin, in the medium term, the price can reach $ 60,000. Informed investor Mike Novogratz (Mike Novogratz) predicted that the bitcoin price will easily overcome a mark in 40 000 dollars by the end of 2018.

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