Rosobrnadzor: the blockchain will upgrade exam

In the Unified state examination (use) will add the jobs related to virtual reality, and their organization will use the blockchain and cloud technologies. This was at the international conference «vision of the future and the competence of the graduate of 2030» in the government of Moscow, said the head of Rosobrnadzor, the Deputy head of the Ministry of education and science Sergey Kravtsov.

In his speech, he tried to predict what will be unified state examination in 2030, listing several future technologies that, in his opinion, will be reflected in the exam in twelve years.

According to Kravtsova, computers and networks will be used more widely and actively, while virtual reality technology will allow to enter in exam virtual practical part.

«I’m sure the exam will include the task of virtual reality: for example, conducting a virtual experiment or a virtual simulation of the situation,» he said.

He suggested that to change the system of assessment in place of the examiners will come to artificial intelligence.

«We hope to assess the creative part of the job will be applied by the computer intelligent system validation. And we’re working on it», – said the head of Rosobrnadzor.

He stressed that the blockchain will also help to improve the technology of protection of information on the exam.

«Blockchain technology will give the ability to safely store any information, including information about the individual accomplishments of each student. I am sure that in 2030, this technology will be applied widely in the education system, –said Kravtsov. – Tasks for each member can be formed individually and directly to the audience, and the time of the processing results through the use of cloud technology will be reduced to two or three times.»

In his opinion, the blockchain will make senseless crib and impossible data leaks.

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