Rospatent received about 300 applications for the use of the blockchain

In 2018, the Federal service for intellectual property (Rospatent) intends to consider, around 300 patent applications for the use of the technology of the blockchain. This is in anticipation of the international conference «Digital transformation: intellectual property and the blockchain technology,» told reporters the head of Grigory Ivliev.

«Intellectual property and the digital transformation» – a topic quite difficult. Digital transformation of all life requires from the patent offices of the response to this problem. In 2017, we considered 18 applications for the technology of the blockchain, but issued only one trademark. This year we have to deal with 285 applications related to this technology,» he said.

The Director General of Rospatent noted the feasibility of using the technology of the blockchain.

«We need to make an online registration of transfer of intellectual property rights, you need to make online payments to pay the registration fee, payments for transactions with intellectual property. And when we got it all to work out and implement in their activities, we realized that it bloccano called. That is, the technology of the blockchain is used by us only when we see that it is a response to our urgent problems,» – concluded.

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