Rules for the digital economy: what was discussed at the forum #DECENTER CRYPTOEVENT

At that time, as cryptobytes waiting for a Toolkit for the development of the digital economy, the state continues to look at cryptocurrencies with caution. Finding a balance between the interests of businessmen, investors and officials have become one of the major themes in the blockchain-the forum #DECENTERCRYPTOEVENT, held in Moscow on March 27-28.

Platform two-day event — «Expocentre» — was attended by some 10,000 participants. Part of the blockchain enthusiasts spent time on kryptosysteme, studying the stands of caminero, equipment manufacturers, terminals for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, virtual reality technology, the blockchain platform and so on. Others listened to the speech of 60 speakers from kriptonyte and the state apparatus taking place simultaneously in three halls: the «Main», «ICO» and «Technology».

The new economy with the participation of cryptocurrencies will be much more efficient, the experts agree, however, you need to define the rules of the game.

«Any industry without rules movement is doomed because it is impossible to integrate into the economy, not playing by the rules of this market», — expressed his opinion of the German Klimenko, the President’s Advisor on Internet issues and head of the Supervisory Board RAKIB.

The expert noted that recently in the state Duma received a bill educated about cryptocurrency. In June-July part of the project will be accepted. According to German Klimenko, the study of the laws abroad suggests that the most important obstacle in the regulation of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and ICO is anonymity and, above all, you must make sure that the «black money will not flow into the economy».

Clear regulation of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects will come out of capitalist slavery and to earn crypto-enthusiasts, and investors.

«If we can have a proper legal framework within which enterprises can raise the value and liquidity of their coins, then they will be able to get investment easily, from all over the world. The right tools for tokenization,» said Dmitry Marinichev, the CEO of Russian Mining Coin.

For most European countries an alternative money is not the future, but a reality. Carl Eckstein, Professor and honorary Consul of Russia in Switzerland, said at the forum #DECENTERCRYPTOEVENT in Switzerland since 1930, there is a parallel in WIR, which is issued by a private Bank. In many localities the currency is accepted as alternative means of payment. A bold step in the direction of the cryptocurrency did recently Belarus. Denis Aleinikov, senior partner of «Aleinikov & partners» and one of the developers of the famous decree, addressed the event and noted that officially the document will come into force on 28 March, i.e. during the second day of the forum.

In the framework of the blockchain and forum also passed ShowICO: presentation of the ICO projects to specialists in various fields to assign a weighted index of investment risk. At the end of this battle, the winner was the project; the founder of the main prize was organized by Como.Capital, the developer of the platform Smart Escrow.

After the official part, the speakers and guests of the forum went to a cryptoparty in a trendy club SohoRooms, which has long been under renovation and opened its doors for the afterparty of captainvalor.

General sponsor of the event was the company DreamTeam — the world’s first system for recruiting and managing an eSports team playing in such popular disciplines as CS:GO, LoL, DOTA 2, PUBG, Overwatch, and others. Also sponsors the blockchain of the forum were: a decentralized system of funding available to small and medium businesses MUST innovative solution for online auctions Merkeleon, Whalio, Como.Capital, Cryptoman, Oz Forensics, Minery, Chaynx.

Next event organized by the company CryptoEvent, there will be a conference in Jakarta. «A new Indonesia could become the second Singapore: this country has a huge interest in cryptocurrency market are the investors who are willing to develop it. The Asian conference is to unite the 1500 block chain professionals from around the world, hundreds of companies and ICO projects,» said Nikolai Volosenkov, CEOCryptoEvent. The conference will be held may 11-12 at the Hotel Indonesia Kempinski.

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