Russian startup Esonics starts production of power supplies, motherboards and graphics cards for mining

Mining is becoming very popular in society, even among people who almost do not understand and are not familiar with modern computer technology «inside.» This year there was an unprecedented surge of interest in crypto-startups, Abraham ICO in summer and a slight cooling of investor sentiment at the moment. And ahead of 2018, in which many startups that raised money during this and last year, promised to launch working versions of the product. Not all will be able to do it.

Among Russian blockchain startups, there are those who decided to engage in the production of the most demanded accessories and equipment specially for the miners. One of them is Esonics that entered ICO at the end of 2017 with the existing business.

History Esonics began with a team of miners enthusiasts who crammed all the possible bumps and gained enormous experience with any hardware for mining cryptocurrencies. Today is the real experts of their craft who know that need miners, and decided to put this knowledge in hardware of its own design.

Team Esonics in the photo, from left to right:

  • Denis Soldatov — founder of the Russian-speaking community Ethereum, DevOps Parity in Technologies, the Creator of GenEthOS. Consultant project.

  • Igor Bezrukov technical Director, Head of R&D units. Electronics engineer, entrepreneur, developer.

  • Andrei Gorev — Director of marketing and strategic development.

  • Nicholas Naftalan — Director for foreign economic activities.

  • Igor Matyuhin — founder and CEO Esonics. Member of the Expert Council for legislative support of the development of financial technologies in the Russian Federation at the State Duma Committee on financial market.

  • Alexander Smagala — Director of sales and production.

What does Esonics

Igor Matyukhin told the correspondent about the issues that are facing both beginners and experienced miners. The hardware that the hashing works with maximum loads and often not in the best conditions, should be as reliable, and at the same time, for reliability you can’t sacrifice performance. In addition, farms are often located in non-residential premises, and need to be managed remotely, without human presence near the equipment.

The Chinese have long produced equipment, to solve these problems, but it is necessary to purchase and deliver, and the quality not always appropriate. Therefore, the creators Esonics decided to bring it as close as possible to the buyer and taken into account in the development of the wishes and needs of the it miners.

Five years ago information on mining (how to configure how to connect the wires, etc.) to find it was difficult, and to understand it a layman — even more difficult. By the time of the first visit Vitalik Buterin to Russia (half year ago), the future team Esonics been engaged in mining for 4 years and was constantly faced with the fact that Chinese components often fail. This was due to the fact that not a single manufacturer did not make equipment specifically for mining. It was proposed to begin to do to suit your needs those components that are needed for mining, and to distribute them among people who understand. So there were the first samples manufactured today in industrial volume production. And soon its range to expand significantly.

Now Esonics produces emulators of the monitor, watchdog timers WatchDog Prime and a power supply, and will soon begin deliveries of motherboards and graphics cards under the brand Esonics.

How to reach facilities in remote farm management?

The AMD has a significant disadvantage — they can’t work without a connected monitor, and manage your entire farm remotely via TeamViewer extremely uncomfortable. This problem is solved by the emulator monitor. People have installed it to my rig, I connected remotely from home and could with a normal resolution of the screen to manage your Riga. Esonics one of the first began serial production of this small but useful little things.

Miners development went of sale, including via E-bay. There were buyers from Japan, sold tens of thousands. Now it is a basic thing, then came the clones. We do not have patented because it is impossible. This is how to prove the theorem, we have proved it all.

How to monitor the farm remotely, and what to do if it «hangs»?

Frequent were cases that the system has failed, began to hang, had to come and reboot the system manually and it was very uncomfortable. Developing WatchDog and saved from this problem. Similar options exist for industrial systems that you just had to restart, and WatchDog not just restarts, but monitors the system and notifies about possible failures of cards in advance. This process is easily monitored in the dashboard – all connected network are depicted in a diagram and you can monitor performance of appliances.

Personal office is a cloud – based system, all information which is logged, and soon it will become available to a wider pool of users. Also based on indicators of electricity consumption will be possible to calculate the degree of equipment deterioration and take action. Moreover, the gadget monitors the temperature of GPU and CPU. This is done to protect the farm from the combustion of beginners, because beginners often put the farm in a warm room, not too thinking about properly organized ventilation.

The principle of operation WatchDog is simple – as soon as the temperature exceeds a threshold, the gadget turns off the system for cooling and includes her an hour later.

The following is the layout for the new version of Watchdog with Wi-Fi module, which can be used not only for monitoring farms.

Components for mining from Esonics

Products Esonics combines features that allows beginners without noticeable loss to enter mining, and to professionals – work as efficiently as possible. The company now produces almost the full range of components that require optimization for mining. Motherboards, graphics cards and power supplies.

Power supply

A couple of years ago the miners came into Vogue to take an old server power supply and solder them to mining. These units are usually more powerful and reliable, but not initially compatible with the accessories for the PC, in particular do not have the necessary connectors for motherboards and graphics cards, moreover they are fitted with small high speed fans are very noisy for residential use. Home to use such a unit without significant modifications was not possible.

Team Esonic started looking for a solution for themselves. It was decided to move away from server-based format. In the standard ATX format was developed by a quiet and powerful power supply with 14 cm cooling fan which starts to work when the system load is over 30% and creates minimal noise. Power supply Esonics available in a range of capacities from 1000 to 1750 watts, and certified to 80 PLUS Gold standard. There is also a series with an improved efficiency of 90+, which uses higher quality components. Will soon begin delivery of blocks of high power to 2,300 watts.

Igor Matyukhin I remembered a funny story: they gave Tom’s Hardware power supply for a test. How does the testing: the unit is inspected, described componentwise, and then placed on the stand, and is loaded until, until it burns. Tested maximum power it can withstand. A few days came the reply from the editor: «We burned stand… wait a bit with the review, it will be too late…» This confirmed the high quality of the products Esonics.


The motherboard is very finicky part of the farm. Usually the problems start after connecting, 4 video cards, since the standard motherboard and the drivers are just not designed to handle this number of devices. miners often have to make tweaks to «make» 6 or more cards on one system.

Esonics offers motherboard with 6,8 and 12 PCI-e optimized for hashing: they removed the extra components and reinforced the necessary to the miner in the first place the power supply circuit. These boards at the time of publication are in the testing phase and will be available in the near future.

Below you can see images and specifications of these boards:






Nvidia GTX 1060

And finally, the last number in the current list of products is Esonics video card ES-NV106-6G. As you will understand from the title of experienced miners, optimized mining Nvidia GTX 1060 6 Gb of video RAM Samsung. This card has already released a few vendors, but in Russia they are still quite rare, as the retail stores sell them with significant margins, but with a very short warranty, and the miners prefer to buy a normal graphics card.

Currently graphics cards from Esonics yet in Russia, the first batch is in production.

Where and how are products Esonics

Says Igor Matyukhin:

Any brand will design the prototype and sends the order to the factory, the output is a branded product. Production Esonics is actually no different, the scheme is the same as the other OEMs, but have the advantage. From big brands, there is such situation: the production cannot be stopped and the needed components for whatever reason is not, therefore, come from lower-quality components that are installed on the product and under the same brand leave the market (in particular, graphics cards are often installed in memory from Hynix, which accelerates significantly worse). But the technical specialists are guided in this, knowing what components must be used in products. The coordinator of the factory in China that produces products Esonics, does not allow such transformations, as the big brands, so the final product always complies with the planned level.

Emulators and WatchDog are produced in Russia, and all the heaviest and largest in China – motherboard, power supply and graphics card. Trace elements mostly from Taiwan and China, they also collect the finished product, and in this video he comes here.

The developers have requirements for plant, for example, there is an agreement for Samsung memory – they order a certain memory, it can withstand loads of farms during acceleration. Also the advantage in the layout of trace elements, for example, the power supply used high-quality Sanyo capacitors that can withstand 105 degrees and lose capacity over time. In motherboards used in strictly selected components of the processor power, extra power slots for PCI-E x16 and x1. Used trace elements companies like Teapo, Capxon, Sanyo, Samsung, STMicroelectronics. To the current layout came through trial and error, because no one puts specific Assembly drawings. It is the result of personal competence of the developers.

Why do you need ICO

«We plan to make the farm turn-key» — says Igor Matyuhin. But to do this, go through cycles of interest in mining in General. For example, now the critical moment is everything and everywhere is talking about mining, so there were players who are not versed in mining, but making equipment for sale, and they can not withstand the load or does not bring the expected profit, in addition there is the excitement ICO.

We are now at the stage when investors invested in different companies, and there is still no working product, and 2018 will be in this sense revealing, because many start-UPS promised a working product to this year. If they don’t meet the expectations, the attitude towards mining and the blockchain will be revised, and we stand behind the quality of our products and the warranty period confirmation. In mining there are no bubbles, there are cycles. And when mining becomes hypervigilant, everyone is talking about it, and then the market situation becomes different, and this is just the peak of the time when many people come. The pendulum swings in the other direction. And people, seeing that their expectations under the new conditions are not met, sell their equipment for half the price, and knowledgeable people are buying it, and at this point, the situation begins to level off.

We believe that the future lies not just in the blockchain as such, but in a really working product, which is backed by bloccano. Therefore, we propose the purchase of our tokens that can be redeemed at any time on our equipment, not empty promises, which now roll in many startups.

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