Russians are increasingly trying to import from China undeclared miners

Importations by citizens from China undeclared devices for mining cryptocurrencies have become more frequent, the press Secretary Chita customs Marina Boyko.

«The first electronic computing device to generate cryptocurrencies was detained at the customs post of the international automobile checkpoint «Zabaikalsk» (the largest Russian-Chinese border) in 2014. For 2017 the Chita customs initiated 17 administrative cases in the import of electronic equipment, and in the intervening period 2018 – eight such cases,» she said.

According to the representative of customs, mining hardware is trying to import it was the Russians.

«Given the nature, scope and purpose of the product, which activity is directed on extraction of profit, move the electronic equipment does not apply to goods for personal use,» – said Boyko.

She recalled that at the request of the FCS of Russia customs authorities have tightened control over the import of equipment for mining cryptocurrency. Now he is restricted and requires the granting of licences and other permits.

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