RZD begins to use blockchain services

Russian Railways started using blockchain services. This spring, the leadership of the Russian Railways jointly with the company «INTELLEKS» launched into commercial operation an electronic trading platform «Freight». The main goal of the project is to attract to rail additional orders from shippers.

Send heavy load can be absolutely any, it is only necessary to visit the site, fill out an online application form and wait until the platform will select the most suitable transport solutions, in cost and time.

«ETP GP is a unique service which allows shippers to book the transportation of goods in covered wagons, open wagons, cisterns, etc. — from anywhere there is Internet access, and pay for them with a single personal account or Bank payment» – the press service of Russian Railways.

In order to monitor the work of the ETP GP in real time, the trading platform has been added to the Emercoin blockchain. The index is computed daily according to a formula:

IPE = (S1+…+Sk)/K,

where Sj is the average cost in rubles of the car at the ETP GP of kind j per day for the same day (1 <= j <= k), K – number of different types of cars, orders for which are received for the same day.

Each user can go to the official website of ETP GP and track the history index value. Using the Emercoin blockchain has already been performed over five thousand successful transportation.

Emercoin was not chosen by chance. It is based on the technology Name-Value Storage, distributed trusted storage of records of any type in the format name / value. The blockchain is the perfect solution to check reliably recorded information on the ownership of any goods or services.

On the EMC blockchain you can create your own apps or use existing technologies. For four years the Emercoin blockchain developers are working on its improvement, creating and implementing new services into the platform.

More information about the multifunctional nature of the blockchain can be found on the official site of Emercoin.

To order the sending of bulk cargo, or to learn more about the project on the website of ETP GP.

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