Samsung confirms the manufacturing of ASIC chips for mining

Corporation Samsung Electronics has confirmed that it is launching a specialized chip (ASIC) for mining cryptocurrency. South Korean news publication, The Bell for the first time announced
on 30 January, saying that Samsung has started production in January to put ASIC chips for an unnamed Chinese company.

Soon after that a Samsung spokesperson told TechCrunch:

«The production capacity of Samsung now produce chips for mining of cryptocurrencies».

However, the South Korean tech giant didn’t provide any details about their customers or the characteristics of the chips. However, in a recent report for the fourth quarter and fiscal year 2017 Samsung noted a growing demand for cryptocurrency mining, saying that in 2018, plans production mining processor processes 11 nm and 8 nm to meet the needs of the market.

Serial production of chips of new generation will bring about significant changes in the mining market, in particular, a strike could hit the company Bitmain, which according to the statements of its representatives holds 70% of this market, as well as Canaan Creative (brand Avalon) that produce their chips at the facilities of TSMC.

Still in the world of mining Samsung known only as the manufacturer of the best memory chips for graphics cards, however, the Corporation did not show intentions to independently enter the market. According to currently known information, the situation will not change and Samsung remains the only contract manufacturer of chips.

Under what brand will sell miners with the chips produced in the factories of Samsung, who is their developer and the customer, is still unknown. Perhaps we will have a appearance on the market of mining a new player, and maybe surprise the same Bitmain, which lacks production capacity of TSMC. If the information on that chip orders Chinese company is not confirmed, then Samsung may makes the chips for the Japanese Corporation GMO, which has announced its intention to enter the mining market at the end of last year. On the other hand, in the announcements of GMO it is about the development of chips for other processes.

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