Samsung SDS has successfully conducted a pilot project shipping logistics in the blockchain

A subsidiary of Korean industrial giant Samsung SDS has successfully completed a seven-month experiment on the technology of the blockchain in the field of logistics in the shipping industry of Korea.

SDS began a pilot in may in parallel with the launch of blockchain-consortium, which includes logistics companies and public research centers of Korea.

The pilot proved to be successful. According to the SDS, information on import/export related to shippers, shipping companies, customs officials and banks, is stored in the blockchain and is available in real time, which greatly simplifies the process of issuing documents in their entirety.

The pilot began on the basis of Nexledger – corporate blockchain platform on which they considered the whole logistics process of shipping the shipment from Korea to China, where he attended the shipping company, port operators and cargo owners.

In addition to workflow blockchain also facilitate the transportation of fresh sea products which related to position, temperature and humidity, was transmitted by IoT devices. The advantages of such transparency in real time allow to accurately assess the premiums of the sea during a breakdown or any other problems in the process of shipping.

«Under this pilot project, we confirmed that the technology of the blockchain can raise transport logistics information network to a new level,» – said in Samsung SDS.

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