Samsung started production of 10Nm ASIC chips for Mining Halong

Vietnamese manufacturer of equipment for mining company Mining Halong will use the new ASIC chip technology giant Samsung, says one of the distributors Halong Mining – online-shop MyRig engaged in the sale and service of miners.

In his Twitter feed there was a picture where the representative of the company holding a wafer thin slice of semiconductor material used in the manufacture of integrated circuits. MyRig said it was a plate of chips more advanced process technology is 10 nm, manufactured by electronics giant Samsung. Most modern at the moment mining the chips use a 16 nm process technology.

That the international transnational company Samsung Electronics began production of ASIC chips for mining crypto-currencies, it became known in January. However, its representatives are not informed for whom it is their produce. It was the only Chinese company producing equipment for mining. It was assumed that China should become the first market, after which Samsung will go to the international level in this field.

About company Halong Mining still know quite little. The creation of its first miner – Dragonmint T1 was announced in 2017, and just recently he started to sell. Bitcoin Core developer BTCDrak Halong involved in Mining to some extent, although it is unclear how it is associated with the project.

Today DragonMint T1 is considered the most effective, superior in its characteristics even S9 Antminer from Bitmain.

In March Slush Pool confirmed that someone from the members of the pool mined a block using the Halong Mining equipment, which achieves its superb efficiency through technology upgrade, called overt AsicBoost.

Despite this, co-founder and Bitcointalk Cobra has repeatedly stated that, in his opinion, Halong Mining – fraudulent company, and Dragonmint T1 is actually a rebranding of the device with chips from Innosilicon.

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