Samsung starts mass production ASIC chips for mining

To the production of ASIC chips for mining crypto-currencies have begun transnational company Samsung Electronics, a recognized world leader in the field of electronics, telecommunication equipment, memory chips, liquid crystal displays and smartphones.

Last year the South Korean company has completed development of its own ASIC chip and intends to supply mining equipment — first in China, and in the short term — the markets of Japan and South Korea.

Produce chips primarily optimized for bitcoin mining, said Samsung Electronics. Specifications, including the main — performance and energy efficiency of chips from Samsung, currently not published.

The company has already signed an agreement with Chinese partners, which will deliver its products. In the near future, Samsung Electronics plans to begin production of such equipment for mining alternative cryptocurrencies.

Recall that the biggest share of income from the production of mining equipment previously received the Chinese company Bitmain. Samsung Electronics will become a real competitor in this sector. The Samsung chips, just ka and Bitmain will be produced at the facilities of TSMC.

Focus on the Chinese market, due to the non-obvious revenue from new business, representatives of the South Korean company. Expert Samsung Securities, Hwang Min-Seong (Hwang Min-seong) believed that production of ASIC chips, seriously affect the profits of the company.

Samsung first showed interest in the market of equipment for mining cryptocurrency in October 2017, demonstrating the installation for the mining, collected from 40 smartphones Galaxy S5.

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