Santander Group is launching a mobile app in the Ripple network

The largest financial group in Spain, Santander Group, is launching a mobile application on the basis of the Ripple network.

The Bank tested the app for 18 months with the participation of its employees. App built into Apple Pay, and allow you to make payments in the amount of from 10 to 10 000 pounds (14 and 14 000 USD), will be released in Spain, Brazil, USA and Poland.

According to the creators, customers will be able to use the app for international payments in less than a minute, it will be integrated a digital wallet, a personal Finance Manager and assistant in conducting personal transactions.

«We intend to launch this app within the next few months. In this project we plan to use the service xCurrent», – said the press-Secretary of Santander.

It is noteworthy that the corporate services xCurrent does not use tokens, XRP Ripple.

According to Executive Director brad Ripple Garlinghouse, the app will be released in the first quarter of 2018.

In January, Ripple spent about 84 million XRP from nearly 1 billion in reserves, unlocked in January. This means that the remaining 900 million XRP, now estimated at $756 million, and returned for the Deposit.

Over the next four years of the company the Deposit will be 61 billion XRP $51 billion escrow tokens Ripple was designed as a way to increase the credibility of XRP.

Every month 1 billion XRP rasplachivatsya for use at the discretion of the company. Last Ripple has spent about 300 million XRP in a month, but now the company require considerably less resources than planned, as the Ripple gets enough serious investments from the partners.

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