Santander launches mobile application based on Ripple

Spanish banking giant Banco Santander has announced the launch of the international payment application for retail customers on the basis of xCurrent – blockchain technology Ripple.

Santander said that the release of the app One Pay FX, he became «the first Bank that created the service for making international payments on the basis of the blockchain for retail customers in several countries simultaneously». First, the app will be available to customers in Spain, UK, Brazil and Poland, and in the coming months in other countries.

«From today, customers in the UK can I use One Pay to transfer money throughout Europe and in the United States. In Spain customers can transfer funds to the UK and USA and customers in Brazil and Poland can make transfers to the UK», — said in his statement, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the financial group Santander Ana Botin (Ana Botin).

It is noteworthy that the customers will be offered various payment options depending on the location of the recipients. For example, customers of Santander in Spain will be able to send pounds to the UK. Santander uses technology xCurrent, Ripple is designed to continually track payments and instant payments worldwide. This platform does not use the crypto-currency Ripple XRP.

Previously, the company Santander said that the app will allow you to make international payments «in three clicks and 40 seconds». While this statement was not confirmed by real data.

«Transfers to Europe are carried out on the same day and we aim to move to instant payments in several markets by the summer of this year,» says Botin. «Our goal is to help thousands of people who daily use the services of international transfers, and in the coming months we will add more currencies and directions.»


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