Sberbank CIB will provide corporate customers with trade cryptocurrencies

Sberbank CIB intends to provide corporate clients the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies within the Swiss jurisdiction, said the head of global markets Sberbank CIB Andrey Shemetov.

«In Russia we can not trade in the cryptocurrency markets. But we would like to satisfy the clients ‘ interests, we must have strategic access to all types of products. Swiss law allows you to trade cryptocurrency, and we are now preparing all the infrastructure to begin to provide services within our Swiss «daughter», – said Shemetov.

According to him, the Bank will offer liquid currency pairs for its customers, including bitcoin, ripple and dash, but the service will be available only for legal entities.

«We build a fully trading set-APPA. to be able to access their own position, and to give client service. It will only be a legal person, the product is very risky, the volatility is large, therefore, the services will not be massive,» said Shemetov.

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