Sberbank has created a blockchain-lab

Sberbank opened the blockchain-the laboratory where the studies of the latest technologies in this field, representatives of the Bank will cooperate with associations, startups and communities. The division is planning to popularize the blockchain and start working on educational programs in this field.

«The blockchain may significantly change many areas of the business relating to the financial market, to the classic activities of the Bank and our clients», – says senior Vice-President of Sberbank, head of Sberbank CIB Igor Bulantsev.

Now Sberbank has more than 20 different pilot projects on the blockchain, including a business decision for Severstal M. Video, the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS). The Bank emphasizes that they are already being used in practice.

Sberbank is the only Russian Bank included in Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) is a non-profit organization, created to promote technologies based on Ethereum.

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