Sberbank has launched an educational programme for the study of the blockchain

The Academy of technology and data of the Corporate University of Sberbank will be held the educational program for the study of the technology of the blockchain.

«The number of projects of the savings Bank with the use of the blockchain is constantly growing, and the programme aims to increase the level of involvement of Bank managers in such projects and maximize the use of blockchain technology in Sberbank», – said the press service of the financial institution.

The course provides an overview cryptoeconomy, the main blockchain platforms, possibilities of the blockchain in relation to the financial market, and legal and regulatory aspects of the use of technology. During the courses students will also analyze cases from the financial and banking industry, and will examine the blockchain projects of Sberbank.

«We see great potential for the development of the blockchain in different fields of economy and work actively with corporate clients, government agencies and financial institutions in implementing solutions based on this technology,» – said senior Vice-President of Sberbank, head of Sberbank CIB Igor Bulantsev.

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