Scheduled remaining Venezuelan cryptocurrencies El Petro

The day after that, the national cryptocurrency of Venezuela, provided
oil was announced
illegal Parliament, the government of President Nicolas Maduro (Nicolas Maduro) has announced plans to premining coins. It is expected that the new cryptocurrency is launched in 6 weeks.

Carlos Vargas (Carlos Vargas), head of the crypto operations in Venezuela, according to El Universal, said in a broadcast on Venezolana de Televisión the following:

«Will soon begin, premining El Petro, the issue will be under the control of the state. In addition, he will be accompanied by a procedure similar to the procedure of the auction. Within six months, will start selling crypto-currencies and people will be able to begin to create digital wallets».

He also noted: «we will Have the cryptocurrency whose verification and application to all exchanges will be supported by a well-known platform that allows you to sell El Petro anywhere in the world without serious restrictions.»

While Vargas did not mention any of the existing platforms tokens. However, the most common tool that is often ispolzuet to create tokens sold around the world, is the Ethereum Protocol ERC20.

«On the website of the Ministry of communications of Venezuela posted the image
Ethereum tokens with the word «petro,» said a Reddit user.

Change of plans for miners

After the announcement
about the creation of El Petro in early December, Maduro claimed that gathers nationwide miners for mining his new currency. He created a registry where they can register until 20 January. However, if ElPetro will be implemented in the form of a token on the Ethereum, and the issue will fully be in the hands of the state, the miners it is not required. This means that the government does not understand the difference between hashing and token issuance, or gathers information about the miners for other purposes.

In the statement of premining national cryptocurrency Vargas said the check «means just the registration of miners. This is public information about people who are engaged in the mining of cryptocurrencies», notes El Universal.

Although cryptocurrency mining in Venezuela is not illegal, in the past miners were persecuted
for theft of electricity. Referring to the fact that mining crypto-currencies provides significant income, Vargas explained that the registry «will people be able to mine without the fear that they will pursue the police. These people will be invited to the meeting, which will be organized specially for them.»

Vargas described the decision of Parliament, which declared a national cryptocurrency illegal, derogatory to the state, noting that El Petro will allow Venezuelans to «protect themselves from inflation.» In addition, he argues that there is a group of opposition leaders planning to participate in El Petro «who want to protect their assets and their money.»

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