Scientists of the US government: «Bitcoin fork Bitcoin Cash – the original blockchain»

In response to requests from the private and public sectors, four scientists from the Institute, financed by the U.S. government, has published guidance on the technology of the blockchain and its applications for a variety of purposes. In addition, in the 59-page report made a sensational statement: «technically, Bitcoin is a fork, a Bitcoin Cash – the original blockchain».

The national Institute of standards and technology (NIST), an Agency of the Ministry of Commerce of the United States with an annual budget of almost $ 1 billion, published an introduction to the technology that supports bitcoin. Scientists hope that this will help companies to make an informed decision about whether it makes sense to implement this technology in their operations.

In document
entitled «Interagency report: review of blockchain technology» describes the General concept, discuss its use in cryptocurrency and demonstrate wider applications of the technology .

«We want to help people understand how to operate blackany that they could adequately and it is useful to apply them to solve technological problems,» commented Dylan Yaga (Dylan Yaga), a scientist NIST, one of the authors of the report. «This is basic information, which you should own if you want to use the blockchain».

Countering the hype

Financial markets in the last year become a victim of the increased hype around cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Many companies have begun to explore the possibilities of technology and implement it in their operations. As the authors of the study, the increased demand has led to the creation and publication of the report.

«The blockchain is a powerful new paradigm for business. The company should use it, if appropriate. The blockchain is now very fashionable, therefore, many organizations tend to implement technology. However, we want an incentive to integration has been not only a stir but understanding its benefits,» said the witch.

41-th page, in the description of the Bitcoin to Cash (BCC), the authors of the report write that «technically, bitcoin is a fork, a Bitcoin Cash — the original chain». However, this paragraph raises doubts about the competence of researchers and their understanding of the events occurring in the network of bitcoin.

So, they wrote that hardwork and separation Bitcoin Cash occurred as a result of activation SegWit (in the original: «When SegWit was activated, it caused a hard fork, and all the mining nodes and users who did not want to change started calling the original Bitcoin blockchain Bitcoin to Cash (BCC). Technically, Bitcoin is a fork of Bitcoin and Cash is the original blockchain.» — primas’.ed.). In fact, these events occurred at a significant interval, and the activation SegWit considered to be softforum.

The chronology of events is as follows: July 23, 2017 miners have been activated the first part of the agreement SegWit2X that implies mandatory voting for Segwit, but without changes in the Protocol. Hardwork, which separated the Bitcoin Cash occurred on 1 August. Directly activation SegWit occurred in the Bitcoin blockchain after the hard forks, 24 Aug.

The authors argue that their findings are not associated with the desire to affect the price of the cryptocurrency or the attitude of people to him:

«We are not interested to promote or sell a product,» said the witch. «Many of the articles you read on the Internet, contain a note indicating that the author has a certain amount of cryptocurrency funds or shares in the company. I’m not interested in the monetary value of these networks. We appreciate technology, we simply denote facts.»

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