Section 13sex of South Africa`s Income-tax Act Explained by Zabercoin

There are many cryptocurrencies in the market and some of them are more beneficial than others. Zabercoin is one such exciting cryptocurrency backed by real estate, which stands apart from the rest. In order to get a clear picture of the benefits offered by, it is necessary to gain knowledge about the Section 13Sex of South African Income Tax Act. Once understood, the advantages of investing in Zabercoin that bases most of its real estate investments in emerging markets will become clear.

Incentives for Investors under this Act

In South Africa, there are significant tax benefits for investors in residential property. Those purchasing buildings can write off a portion of the cost of the building or improvements as long as it was built or acquired after 2008.

To qualify for these write-offs, the person must own at least five units. The residential unit must be used for accommodation, with the exemption of business premises such as hotels. The units have to be located in South Africa. For units to qualify, they must not have been occupied previously. Besides that, the units must be solely used for residential renting and not personal use.

How Much Deduction is allowed

Normally, a 5% deduction will be allowed for a new unit. However, low-cost housing units will be eligible for 10% deduction under this act. In order to qualify for the extra 5% deduction, the unit mush first qualify for the first 5% slab. Investors and property owners can continue to claim these allowance until the cost of the unit is written off.

What is used to Determine Unit Cost?

The total cost of a unit is the lesser of the market value or the actual cost incurred on the day of conclusion of the transaction. This is done to prevent inflation of prices to obtain more deductions.

How this Connects to Zabercoin

Zabercoin makes an effort to exploit such tax incentives in emerging markets of South Africa and elsewhere. The result is that each Zabercoin has intrinsic value since it represents a tangible asset. Consequently, this will help to stabilize Zabercoin as recurring income will be plowed back into more investment. It will help to ensure that Zabercoin grows well into the future.

About the Zabercoin ICO

Zabercoin is currently holding a token sale, where it will issue 100% of the tokens. Those interested in participating in the token sale can do so by visiting After gaining hold of the tokens, investors can start trading the tokens soon after the conclusion of ongoing tokensale.

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