Selling verified accounts of cryptocurrency exchanges is becoming popular

Over the past few months on cryptocurrency exchanges around the world was registered a record number of new customers who want to trade digital assets. However, the trading platforms have difficulties due to sharply increased flow of new users — their customers complain that the verification of identity now takes weeks, and some exchanges have suspended all new user registration. This has led to an increase in the number of people selling «fully verified» accounts of many popular crypto-currency platforms.

At the end of December it was reported that exchanges such as Bittrex and temporarily stopped the registration of new customers. In addition, one of the leading trading platforms Binance, turned off new user accounts a few days ago. Meanwhile, in December Poloniex announced that it plans to discontinue service reverification users. All these problems led to significant delays in verification for new clients and complicated trade cryptocurrency for new community members. However, when there is a demand, there is supply. Some users began to sell «fully verified» account cryptocurrency exchanges for trading bitcoins and other digital assets.

On the forum one user sells for $ 12 a verified account with Poloniex daily limit of withdrawal of funds in the amount of $ 25,000. The same person also sells superior account Bittrex for $ 10. Selling verified accounts is not the first year, but now the number of such proposals has increased significantly. Last week another user was selling an account with Bittrex «confirmation» on the platform Selly and repeatedly published its proposal on the forums.

Verification of identity – the requirement of more than 90% of all online trading platforms, regardless of your country of residence. Even exchanges such as BTC-e/WEX, put forth the minimum requirements verification, eventually changed its policy for compliance KYC/AML. For account verification, users often have to provide the platform of your passport/ID, confirm the phone number and address. Many users refuse
to provide such information and that are not recorded on the exchanges.

Verified accounts are sold not only on forums but also via Telegram. In cryptocurrency groups messenger is now often posted messages about selling verified accounts on Poloniex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, GDAX, Binance and many other exchanges.

Needless to say, that such transaction is not the best idea, as the original owner of the account even after you change the bindings to email, phone, passwords and other access can is banal to apply to the stock exchange about the theft of account and exchange (or the court, if it comes to that) can stand on the side of the one who passed verification and submitted their documents. Of the sale of the accounts were illegal and they online it is difficult to rely on the legally relevant confirmation. In the best outcome for the hapless buyer will return the money after their long locks or even multi-month trial. Therefore, it is difficult to understand the motives of the people who buy accounts for a few weeks accelerate access to trade.

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