Sergei Glazyev: cryptool save you from sanctions

Advisor to the President of Russia Sergey Glazyev advocated the introduction of a national cryptocurrency. Criptural increase transparency of public procurement and will help the domestic market to get rid of the sanctions addiction. About it the adviser of the President said in an interview Gazetesi.

According to Glazyev, despite the risks of the digital currency is attracting regulators and authorities, since the digital money can be calculate thanks to the blockchain. This distributed registry allows you to control the movement of funds and does not spend it inappropriately. This decision, according to the adviser to the President, helping to eliminate the risks of treatment in the context of the banking system.

Advisor to the President of Russia Sergey Glazyev:

«Digital money is able to significantly improve the effectiveness of spending budget funds in this area, such as, for example, procurement. Due to the transparency, the possibility of using smart contracts and, as a result, more accurate control and audit of public procurement.

Following a positive factor in the introduction of digital currency is the creation of high-tech and secure system of information exchange, including for international appeals. Especially important is this fact is made on the background of sanctions, creating a constant risk of disconnection of Russia from the appropriate Western solutions.»

American authorities apply sanctions not only against Russia and, therefore, of interest to potential output — digital currencies have a lot of countries. Moreover, the banks because of the level of dollarization increasingly difficult to work in hard conditions of the sanctions.

As noted by the expert, today the economy is undergoing a revolution – a new type of money. This rarely happens, so it is important to use it wisely. Difference new digital money not bezbashennosti, and the fact that they have banks as issuers. To cash and non-cash handling joins digital form. A new kind of money is not the carrier, unique, identificireba as an accessory and allows you to monitor operation.

In an interview Glazyev also noted that disruptive technologies usually do not appear where the economy is developing successfully, and where «grasping at opportunities to get out of a dependent position.»

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