Sergei Glazyev: «the blockchain will increase the efficiency of public procurement»

Presidential adviser Sergei Glazyev proposed to use the technology of the blockchain to track the money used in public procurement, which will allow Supervisory authorities to monitor their movement in real time and block the unauthorized use allocated for procurement of funds. He stated this during the forum «state order».

«The initiative, which is worked now at the University of Moscow, is that without mining and complex algorithms to try to use digital technologies to ensure the so-called «staining» our usual rubles,» – said the presidential adviser.

According to him, every ruble that goes through the government procurement system will have a specific index by which it can be tracked up until it will not go to the General economic space through wages.

The head of Vnesheconombank Sergey Gorkov approved the initiative, informing about the impossibility to solve the problems of efficiency of public procurement with the old technology.

«It is necessary the use of new, and the blockchain is one of the priorities. In the form in which now there are purchases difficult to use artificial intelligence technology to add it to the paper files are completely pointless,» – he stressed.

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