Sergei Glazyev: To the end of 2018, one of the countries of the EEU will create a national cryptocurrency

Speaking at the plenary session of the Congress «Blockchain Russia — 2018» Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation and the regional policy of Russia Sergey Glazyev said that in 2018 in the territory of the Eurasian economic Union will be the first national digital currency.

«It seems to me that by the end of 2018 in one of the countries in the EAEC can be set up a national cryptocurrency,» — said Glazyev.

Sergei Glazyev has always been on the side of cryptocurrency. In January, he said that the country of the EEU, which will release the first national cryptocurrency, will receive a “huge advantage.” Before the eyes supported the idea of creating cryptorama and noted that it can be used to circumvent sanctions.

While the first and only country in the world that has established a national cryptocurrency, remains Venezuela.

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