Sergey Gorkov: the blockchain is part of the strategy of economy development of Russia

The Chairman of Vnesheconombank (VEB) Sergey Gorkov, at the world economic forum in Davos noted three main areas in which Russia can become a leader. It’s the blockchain, quantum and convergent technologies.

Gorkov considers blockchain the strategic direction of economic development of the country. In 2018 will be open two centers on quantum and convergent technologies. VEB holds a course on the development and support of Russian innovations:

«This large-scale work is proceeding in several areas: expertise in the field of legal regulation (this year we are waiting for the development of the regulations on the blockchain at the state level), the creation of family funds for investment in innovation, and build an effective system of «acceleration» of the breakthrough startups, primarily on the Russian and Asian markets,» says Gorkov

The formation and sources of long-term investment is an important component for innovation and development of non-oil sector of the Russian economy, said the official.

«VEB jointly with its international partners explores the possibilities of investing in private equity funds, which, respectively, will Fund projects in the most profitable industries in Russia. Major financial institutions of China and India will act as our partners. Algorithms of decision-making in these institutions are distinctly different from the traditional banking system,» – said the head of VEB.

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