Sergey Solonin: cryptolabs will not lock Telegram canceled

Founder and investor of QIWI Sergey Solonin does not wait for cryptorama Telegram and considers the most advanced platform. About General, he told at the Moscow business forum.

Sergey Solonin:

«I do not expect cryptorama after June 30. There is a law about scriptactive, which now all discuss».

The founder of QIWI participated in the closed ICO Telegram: «Telegram is not just a messenger, this is one platform where people can create their own products, not saragas with her. This is the best interface for external programs and development. I believe that Telegram all more advanced. Many of our products have been tied to the Telegram, because it is a great opportunity unlike other platforms».

In addition, according to Corned beef, Telegram is one of the few who goes in the direction of identify the user. The speaker believes that common sense will prevail and lock Telegram in Russia will stop, because the technology that provides the platform for developing the market.

The rise of the blockchain, in the opinion of the investor, will determine the development of startups and technology support. According Corned beef, almost every large Corporation today has a project on the blockchain.

Technology opens up a new type of social relationships, when transactions are carried out in a transparent social environment between people and laid on the blockchain.

«Projects that generates some value and exchange value in, projects that create their own ecosystem of circulation – these projects are the most interesting for me,» said Sergey Solonin.

Today QIWI testing the blockchain, the company has projects for the exchange QWC in the banking environment. In addition, the company opened the Academy of the blockchain, in which teaching practices – those with bloccano working today. Can be modularly assembled themselves under the educational program. Projects in the institution has replaced the assessment.

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