Service distributed data storage goes to the ICO

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The Project — a universal platform for the storage, transmission and direct distribution of the data. The service acts as an aggregator hosting providers, the marketplace, combining hosters and customers (senders and recipients), as well as a tool for direct distribution of copyright content. The beginning of a Token Sale — March 15, 2018, the end of April 26, 2018.

The main goal of the — the creation of an accessible and transparent platform for the storage, transmission, and distribution of data. All this without any external regulation, and commissions to participants in the system. Moreover, the system of bids and proposals, implemented by the, allows to achieve the most efficient pricing for customers — they get the opportunity to choose the most advantageous offer on the basis of the proposed rates and rating host.

«Most modern systems of data storage are centralized, information is stored in a particular place, on one or more servers, and often unencrypted. This means high risk of hacking, information theft and subsequent leak of data and their transfer to third parties,» says founder of the project Alexander Rakhmanov.

Data storage in the system, as well as organization of interaction between hosts and clients is based on smart contracts. does not impose on the implementing a strict technical limitations. However, a precondition of admission to the system is a security Deposit that serves as collateral to the responsible fulfillment of their obligations.

Decentralization of the system and the use of encryption algorithms ensures data reliability. Platform is designed as a zero knowledge system — full access to the uploaded files have only the sender and receiver of data to guarantee system security: files can be compromised, altered or stolen by a third party.

«By 2022, the market volume of data storage will reach $99.8 billion At the moment, the projects implementing the idea of file storage, has raised more than $500 million, indicating investors’ interest in this area,» adds Alexander Rakhmanov.

About the project

Team for more than 10 years participates in the creation and support of international services for the storage and transfer of data and includes experienced developers and specialists in the field of blockchain technology. The founders of the project saw the need for a system that would allow individuals and businesses to securely store important information and manage it, and without overpaying for the service intermediaries or the owner of the store. The decision on the establishment of such a service was made in 2017.

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