Several startups create the Foundation of the community of Ethereum

Several projects based on the Ethereum network, has announced plans to pool resources and work together. Cosmos, OmiseGO, Golem, Maker, Global Brain and Raiden will create the Foundation of the community of Ethereum (ECF) to coordinate and strengthen the development of the network.

The first step of the Foundation will be the grants program in the amount of up to $ 1 million, providing constant financial support aimed at solving problems of scalability – the total Central problem for all platforms operating in the Ethereum network. Pooling their resources, the projects hope to create a universal solution in this area.

Chief technical Advisor of the project Golem Peter, Janyk noted that this approach will also allow the startups to focus on their individual projects: «the better scales the Ethereum network, the less code to facilitate the above-mentioned scale should be implemented in the Protocol Golem».

Chapter OmiseGO June Hasegawa shares this view, stressing the revolutionary approach: «One stand-alone project can create a product for the industry, but working together, we can create a structure that will change the world».

Fund Ethereum in January, has already announced plans to create a Fund for developers that offer ideas for solving scaling problems. However, the specific structure involved in this issue at the moment has not appeared.

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