Shoemaker without shoes: grateful fans gathered for Andreas Antonopoulos more than 150 BTC

The protagonist of the popular American Christmas film 40 years «it’s a wonderful life» George Bailey lived, sacrificing everything for family and friends. In the end, he ran up enormous debts and not knowing how to get out of debt, chose to commit suicide. On hearing this, his friends, one by one, began to bring him money — as much as I could, and at some point, Bailey realized that he had become incredibly rich.

The bitcoin Evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos was at the center of the same outpouring of gratitude. Last five years of his life he spent traveling the world and telling people about bitcoin. However, as it turned out, he in that time could not take advantage of the cryptocurrency, and never got rich.

When the price of bitcoin has reached $ 16,000, the community thanked Antonopoulos. Suddenly engulfed the community impulse of gratitude is still ongoing, and cryptocurrency address of Antonopoulos sent more than 150 BTC, or about $ 2.3 million. One of the senders listed just incredible the amount of 37 BTC ($500 000).

Sending transactions that people post the hashtag #ThankYouAndreas and tell Antonopoulos about how he changed their lives.

«The word is my strength, but today I lost the gift of speech» — wrote in his Twitter the author of Mastering Bitcoin.

Never was rich

Antonopoulos became interested in bitcoin in 2012. Since then, he has dedicated bitcoin two books that explain in simple language technical principles of bitcoin, and held more than 200 lectures (many of which are free) on bitcoin.

It is obvious that the person who knows so much about bitcoin, had a long time to benefit from it. A small investment in bitcoin five years ago, when the price of bitcoin didn’t exceed $ 6, would bring the Evangelist Cryptoprotected a huge profit. But Antonopoulos was always too busy, too obsessed with the idea to share my thoughts with the world.

This obsession made Antonopulos into debt — the preacher of bitcoin lived very modestly and all the coins he spent to get rid of debt. Because most people were not aware of the situation of Antonopulos, they were dumbfounded, seeing his videos on the website Patreon.

«I’m not a crypto millionaire,’ said Antonopoulos the question to Twitter, — ability to work independently I give my subscribers on Patreon, many of which send me 5 dollars a month.»

Is it any wonder that when the cryptographer Adam Back proposed to help Antonopoulos, and the community, without hesitation, agreed.

The number of people willing to support bitcoin Evangelist beginning to grow rapidly, and the cryptocurrency address of Antonopoulos began to receive bitcoins. By sending in your donation, members of the community to post words of gratitude to Antonopoulos on Twitter.

«At the moment @aantonop (Anthopoulos) is the BEST protector and the most eloquent speaker in the bitcoin community. His speech made a great impression on me,» wrote investor Brian Kelly.

For Antonopulos this expression of support was absolutely amazing.

«Within a few days I will be out of network. I need time to understand everything that happened, he wrote Wednesday, if you sent me an email in the last 48 hours, thank you. If I don’t answer it within a week or more, please forgive me».

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