Shopping on Amazon is About to Change for the Better with Zapit

Amazon users have been complaining profusely about the inconsistency in the quality of the products they order. This can be attributed to the unavailability of product reviews. The only line of defense an online shopper has against malpractice is the product reviews available on the website. Unfortunately, this process is not as fail-safe as one would hope. Fake positive reviews are often posted on Amazon products through dummy accounts. Simultaneously, the presence of fake negative reviews by competitors is also one of the major problems currently being faced by sellers who have valuable products. This creates a lot of confusion and puts the transparency of online transactions in question.

Zapit is a blockchain based application where legitimate product reviews are posted by consumers. Currently, it is only enabled for Amazon products. Later on, Zapit plans to expand to other online marketplaces and make online shopping a reliable shopping option. Currently, Amazon product reviews can be viewed on the Zapit website or by installing the Zapit plug-in for browsers.

Zapit’s main purpose is to combat any malfeasance on part of the vendors or consumers. On Zapit, people who have purchased a product online can review it through the browser they use or their mobile platforms. Reviews are then put through a rigorous process of moderation before publishing. Zapit incentivizes users for each review that is published.

Zapit has a fail-safe review moderation process – this is where the benefit of blockchain is utilized. Moderators can verify the reviews through the blockchain system for authenticity and approve or reject reviews. Each review needs multiple approvals before it can be published. This moderation process is in addition to the automated flag detection that companies like Amazon and Yelp use to identify spam reviews.

On the other hand, Amazon sellers will be able to post affiliate links of their Amazon products on the Zapit platform itself. Users will see the reviews on the platform and can buy the products using these affiliate links. In such a case, Amazon sellers make an extra 4% to 8% in addition to their profit from selling their product! This provides sellers an extra margin for profit on top of their earnings from Amazon.

Zapit will pay the reviewers as well as the sellers in their unique specialized token which is going to be listed in Cryptocurrency exchanges. These tokens can be exchanged with various Cryptocurrencies, or national currencies, and can even be used in trading at the exchanges. The Zapit token sale is going to go live on 30th January 2018. Using blockchain technology, Zapit has shown the first effective way to re-organize and authenticate product reviews. Building upon the success of Zapit from Q3 of 2017, the beta version of the platform will be launching in Q2 of 2018.

Zapit Token Sale Terms

Total offering 100,000,000 Zapit Tokens

  • Private Sale – 10,000,000 Zapit Tokens (100% Bonus)
  • Public Sale – 40,000,000 Zapit Tokens (50% Bonus)
  • Advisors & Communities – 10,000,000 Zapit Tokens
  • Core Team + Ongoing Development – 40,000,000 Zapit Tokens

Minimum Purchase: ETH 0.1

Overall, Zapit is an extremely powerful platform for viewing legitimate product reviews online. The incentivization of legitimate product reviews on Zapit will revolutionize shopping experience for users and selling experience for sellers.

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