Signals: platform for the implementation of strategies cryptotrading

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Signals, startup of the Czech Republic, based in Prague, creates a platform designed to unite a community of enthusiasts of the cryptocurrency markets and to lead the process of trading scriptactive to a new level.

Signals is a platform and marketplace through which users can discover, create and monetize trading strategies for cryptocurrency markets. Platform Signals is implemented with an interface that gives traders the ability to easily create a trading strategy based on the use of machine learning methods.

Using the platform Signals, market participants will be able to implement strategies based on certain market indicators or trading indicators, ranging from traditional technical analysis indicators to indicators, based on principles of collective intelligence. After creating the strategies users can produce their test, and debug using historical data, and monetize their own strategies, offering up for trade to other members of the platform.

To enable processing of large volumes of data and perform complex algorithmic calculations in a short period of time the company has partnered with Signals iExec, a French company specializing in the provisioning of cloud computing implemented using blockchain technology.

Now available Alpha version of the platform Signals

Alpha-version of the platform Signals was published on 22 January 2018. It is available today announced certain functions of the trading platform strategies Signals platform where traders can at the moment to explore the proposed strategy. A little later they will be able to create their own strategies with the visual designer and place them on the trading floor.

All paid features of the platform Signals, including the purchase of indicators, data sets, and copying of trade in accordance with the strategies of other users, will be available exclusively through the use of its cryptocurrency platform, referred to as Token Signals (SGN).

Selling token Signals will begin on February 26

During licensee, scheduled to start on Monday, February 26, 2018, Signals will offer tokens to the SGN platform Ethereum. Kreusel will be considered successful if during the sale will be able to attract 2 million USD (soft cap). The maximum fees limit (hard cap) is set at USD 18 million.

The initial cost of a single token SGN, taking into account the initial discount, will be approximately 0.3 USD. The purchase will be using ETH, and the price to determine the ratio of exchange for the tokens will be set to the first day of the sale tokens. Before you buy token SGN, users must register by providing their name, email address and address in Ethereum. After each payment made within the platform Signals, will «burn» a small part of the token that makes the token SGN-effective deflationary currency. With the increasing use of tokens SGN the total amount of tokens will be gradually reduced, making them more valuable.

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