Slow ICO vs Ninja ICO: combating speculations

Raising money is no more fast and nonetheless furious. While the whole ICO market is booming, the game rules are rapidly changing, turning gamers into professionals and getting rid of amateurs and scam. It turned out that for blockchain making “fast money” compromises the very idea of long-term investing, giving ground for various speculations. What would replace a fast-track? “Slow” – in a good way – and nicely measured ICO strategy is the new black for the token sales’ market.

Crowdsales, skyrocketing popular in 2017, have raised $797 million on ICOs during the first 6 months. The number of token sales this year has risen to more than 300, making it – think of it! – more than one ICO per day. A quarter of the whole amount of money raised belongs to the Finance category – about $523 million. For ICOs that haven’t even reached the soft cap the proportion is 66%, as for September 2017.

As we can see, along with the growth, the ICO market is now experiencing a lot of changes. It applies particularly to a so-called ninja-ICO phenomenon when a flash token sale starts and finishes on the same day. Cryptomarket analysts agreed that this was a hot topic at the dawn of the ICO-era. Even though the Finance category statistically still has the biggest number of ninja-ICOs, they tend to fade away against the background of a real investors’ attraction. Raising money for fantastic moon space missions obviously becomes a thing of the past, bringing a balanced approach to the ICO to the fore.

The Tokenbox project interpreted the idea of relevance by offering investors and users to buy TBX tokens beforehand. The TBX is a utility token, purchased not for speculation but for real usage, for creating a well-balanced and secure cryptocurrency portfolio.  

The whole project of a platform uniting traders, funds, and investors are meant to be developed gradually. Real people made a well-weighed decision and invested in the project – more than $1.5 million has been raised during the weeks of pre-sale, 19 traders and 2 funds applied for the project’s participation. Thus, $3 million soft cap is pretty much enough to start implementing the platform in the first step.

Another example of successful ICO intended for creating a private trust management platform is Genesis Vision. They had $2.8 million raised in total, but their tokens price have tripled on the market later.


Will TBX tokens have such a dramatic rise after the ICO is finished? After entering the exchange – yes, and the project will be sought after by investors. Especially regarding the fact that Tokenbox TGE raised almost $2 million within one week – even though they, unlike Genesis Vision, didn’t get to have a cryptomarket celebrity Charlie Shrem as their advisory board member.

Another issue still troubling the ICO market is trust. More than one ICO a day, while the whole world is watching – where would you put your money? Would you trust a rainbow to show you the way to a token chest, or a trusted team of professionals? This is where a cryptocurrencies experience gets more relevant. The Token Fund, the first successful cryptofund created by the Tokenbox team and fully functioning, is another reason to trust Tokenbox.

In a nutshell, slow-mo ICOs are now atop of token sale trends. The less is raised during the ICO, the more value will the token gain, as the rest of the tokens would be burned. Essentially, those who will create and manage a cryptofund using Tokenbox platform, will be holding at least 5% of TBX tokens. Therefore, the potential for creating portfolios with a total volume of up to $40 million is already ensured.

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