Sony patents a blockchain system for the protection of digital rights

Japanese multinational Corporation Sony has filed a patent application on the use of the technology of the blockchain to store information about digital rights.

According to information published by the patent and trademark office (USPTO), the desire of Sony to use the blockchain caused by dissatisfaction with the existing system of digital rights management (DRM).

«DRM is an unreliable system that does not provide consumers adequate protection of digital rights. It takes one mistake that could crash the system, and users will lose all your purchased content,» said Sony.

In addition, DRM systems limit access to digital content, providing it only to those who purchased a digital product. Therefore, Sony uses a different system – UltraViolet.

Patent application signed by Sony and its subsidiary Sony Pictures Entertainment. As one of the examples is built on the blockchain system to store information about digital rights are the movies. However, the use of the system implies the possibility of accommodation rights to any content types: TV, video, music, audio, games, and scientific and medical data.

The patent describes several applications of the blockchain. Thus, in the first case, the information of each user may be stored in the Genesis block (the first block in a chain). The acquisition of rights to a certain digital content is immediately reflected in the blockchain.

In addition, the new system can be used in conjunction with computer systems DRM, which will verify the entitlement on the blockchain, and then, if necessary, to decrypt the media object. These systems can take many forms, including the so-called DRM agent.

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