SPECTRE trading platform without a broker

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SPECTRE — short for speculative licenzirovanie trading exchange – project of the expiring 2017. Today in the accounts of the project more than 14 million dollars of investments from nearly 5,000 investors. The ending of ICO is appointed on December 10, 2017.

What are the advantages of this project and why did he deserve such a wide audience?

The binary options industry, estimated at $ 3 billion, and retail Forex trade, estimated at 81 billion, is mired in conflict of interest and fraud: brokers manipulate prices and even waive the withdrawal, which negatively affects traders. This contributes to the shocking loss factor industry: more than 70% of traders in the long run lose money.

SPECTRE creates a new paradigm for trade except their chains of equations broker.

The following are the main features of the project SPECTRE:

  • Licenzirovanie ever-growing pool of liquidity in which the flow of payments to clients regulated by the smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain-based;

  • Fees are generated not from the loss of customers and volumes (gains or losses) in the SPECTRE, thus made a departure from the traditional model of conflicts of interests;

  • Transactions on the platform come from a crypto-wallet or out of them while SPECTRE under any circumstances does not have access to the trader’s funds. Withdrawals are processed instantly;

  • To ensure the integrity and transparency of transactions;

  • The sellers or account managers do not convince customers to engage in excessive trading and do not trade on behalf of the client.

The above advantages make the traditional brokerage is obsolete and transmit the power back to the retail traders, forming a complete transparency in multi-billion dollar industry retail trading.

SPECTRE introduces of trading the following main innovative features: licenzirovanie balance and dividends and adaptive trading platform.

Licenzirovanie balance and dividends

Unique licenzirovanie model of the balance of the SPECTRE allows traders to trade 24 hours a day, acting as a counterpart to those transactions where necessary. Pool pays out 2% dividend to holders of dividend-tokens and 2% to the SPECTRE team as a maintenance fee every time a trader closes the deal. The pool grows every time the trader loses the deal and is reduced (75-93% ROI) when the trader wins. All transactions are governed by smart contracts, this means that the broker is excluded from the equation, which provides a new level of trust and transparency in financial trading.

The adaptive trading platform

Unlike today’s trading platforms (such as MT4/MT5/Spot/Option Techfinancials, etc.), SPECTRE has a number of protection algorithms traders who help in the management of emotions, risk management, recognition of trading opportunities and the ability to track statistics. SPECTRE learns the weaknesses of a trader and warns them when they are going to make a mistake.


During the initial range of coins in SPECTRE, there are two types of tokens: the dividend-tokens, and the tokens of General purpose (utility tokens). For the first type tokens to their holders paid a 2% dividend on the second type holders are offered higher payments, a wider range of assets inside the platform SPECTRE, as well as participation in the program of redemption of tokens.

The project team employs true professionals, many of whom were engaged in research and have the commercial and banking experience at companies such as: J. P Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank. If we are talking about know-how in the technology of blockchain and cryptography, the team is also working with the veterans in this area, which helps in the development of smart contracts, a reorientation of the platform and phase of the audit tokens. The SPECTRE team has extensive experience launching and development of technology companies.

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