Spring scale Ethereum: test Java versions of Casper and sicani from the producer of «strawberries»

Last day of winter brought a bunch of stories for the network scale with Ethereum. After the partly successful test of the Protocol in Casper FFG version pyethereum Protocol (Ethereum language pyethereum variant of python) in late January, 28 February the test network launched variant Casper FFG in Harmony – the same Protocol in Java, formerly known as EthereumJ.

At the time of this writing, the network has only one node, Harmony, what was the reason for an ironic tweet from Vitalik Buterin:

Network pyethapp while worthless and only the Harmony node works as a Coordinator (Coordinator™), connecting the nodes running on pyethereum.

The meaning of the tweet is that the role of Harmony similar to the Coordinator node in the IOTA system – the traditional target for critics from the community, Ethereum, accusing IOTA in centralization. However, commenting on this tweet in Reddit, Buterin said:

Strictly speaking, the situation changes when the network connects other nodes Harmony. And the fact that we have two independent implementation of the Casper FFG is in itself good news.

To complete the work Harmony it remains to add the logic of vote validators, but it is a simple task.

However, in order to significantly hasten the period of implementation in the main blockchain hard forks Constantinople, it is necessary to code Casper FFG was included in the main clients of the network – Geth and Parity, but this has not happened yet. However at the meeting the developers in late January, the representative of the Parity said that Casper will be included in the code «in the next few weeks», but so far this has not happened.

Implementation of Casper FFG will not increase the capacity of Ethereum, since it is a PoS add-on to the existing Protocol PoW. And even when PoW will be replaced by the algorithm offers the PoS blocks, it will increase the performance only three times, which is clearly insufficient to achieve throughput comparable to Visa is the task of sharding, which will begin only after full transition to PoS. And while the task of improving the performance entirely on the development of a variety of solutions to second level: Saidjanov Raiden, Plasma
and channel status (Generalized state channels).

Dapps for adults and decentralized casino

With the arrival of spring it became clear that at the forefront of the development of the common channels are the project decentralized adult video content with the telling title SpankChain
and platform decentralized casino Funfair. Thus, the cynical meme Dating back to the beginning of the Internet era and received further confirmation in the XXI century:

The entire Internet rests on three large P – Porn; Poker; Pills.

Team SpankChain, a developer of video delivery and similar Cryptococcal blockchain games Cryptotitties, the name of which, as the name of the main project, needs no comment, has posted the code of ofcan micropayment channels on Github. In contrast to the unidirectional channel micropayments µRaiden, SpankChain channels can be bidirectional and include an emergency closing, allow us to convey not only the air, but the tokens along with the state of smart contracts. However, open access is only part of the code.

Another developer channels of the state – platform decentralized casino FunFair. Because of the large sums that are expected to be kept on Deposit smart contracts, security requirements and code is much higher than that SpankChain, approach to the development of more formal here. Code smart contracts FunFair is completely free and is already 9 months working in a test network. It is anticipated that it will be ported in the main Ethereum blockchain in the coming weeks, and open platform to all comers will take place in the second quarter.

Of course, unexpected delays remain possible both projects, however, with high probability we can predict that at least one of the platforms will begin full operation, after which the likelihood of network congestion will be greatly reduced since wanting to reduce costs a lot.

According to initial estimates, the use of channels can increase network throughput Ethereum from 10 to 100 times. However, you need to consider that the price for such an increase – significant reduction in network security, so that they can be considered only a temporary solution. Sydeny Plasma, at least in theory, enhance the security, but only up to a certain limit, in addition, they have not yet reached the stage of the finished product. The security of transactions comparable to the capabilities of the main blockchain, it can only provide sharding.

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