Startup LoopX disappeared along with the focused on ICO bitcoins and esters $4.5 million

Cryptocurrency startup LoopX, ICO has attracted investments of several million dollars, has disappeared, along with all collected funds in cryptocurrency.

Promising «the most modern algorithm of trade on cryptocurrency market,» startup suddenly disappeared, closing the site and removing all traces of existence in social networks.

According to a cached version of the site LoopX, in total, the project raised funds equivalent to more than 4.5 million dollars (276.21 BTC and 2 446,70 ETH) with a few token sales. According to other sources, in practice investors have contributed in excess of $ 10 million.

LoopX positioned itself as a company that develops «a new kind of shopping experience,» which will bring «a guaranteed profit each week.»

10 Feb 2018 on the website of the startup, there was an announcement of the following content:

«After a thorough six-month testing of our algorithm, yielding a constant monthly big profit, we can finally bring to the public all the advantages of the trading platform LoopX».

The startup said that the new software «will provide exchange platforms more than 10 000 transactions per second in high-yield exchange coins in tandem with the main cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum».

The company promised its investors receive up to 48% of profit for 30 days by storing in purses tokens LPX.

The disappearance LoopX happened a few months after the disappearance of a startup Confido gathered with the help of the ICO investments to the amount of more than 374 000 dollars. Confido promised to create a new decentralized bestoverture payment solution for e-Commerce.

Another Scam spent Prodeum cryptocurrency startup that was going to «revolutionize the agricultural sector», placing it in the blockchain fruit. Prodeum disappeared
from the Internet after attracting investments worth 11 million U.S. dollars.

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