Startup Mobius held ICO at $ 39 million on the blockchain Stellar

Co-founder and President of Mobius Network David Gobos (David Gobaud) explains why his startup has launched its initial public offering token (ICO) in the network Stellar, not Ethereum. In his comments he also stressed the growing interest of some members of the community to a fast and cheap way of making payments, since Ethereum, like Bitcoin, have not yet found the opportunity to scale.

«We believe that the Ethereum can be compared to AOL or Myspace,» said Gobo.

AOL (America OnLine) is one of the world’s first large Internet service providers and integrators of services, Creator of a number of new for its time services, including the most popular in the U.S., the messenger of the 1990s — AIM (from 1998 to 2010 AOL also owned a brand ICQ). In the late 1990s through AOL accessed the Internet more than half of Americans. MySpace is one of the world’s first social networks, and until 2008 the most popular in the United States. Both companies were pioneers in their field, however, was slow to develop and made a number of mistakes, resulting in lost initiative more young and actively growing competitors. They still exist, but have long lost the leading position.

Company Mobius announced Thursday that it has collected $ 39 million through the ICO, which became the largest initial placement of tokens on the platform Stellar. The company took in exchange for your token Mobi only currency Stellar — lumens (XLM). According to the company, ICO has collected $ 39 million in two hours – was sold 35% of 888 million tokens Mobi. Among the participants of this round were China’s Angel Capital Chain, Nirvana Capital and WaltonChain.

Gobo also stressed that the company launched its decentralized app store in parallel with the ICO, and noted the importance of demonstrating the viability with the aim to prove the reality of the project.

The choice of the blockchain was due to the fact that the company needed a friendly to IoT network that can handle large amounts of data and transactions rapidly and with low fees, or none at all.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of ICO was run on Ethereum, using a standard ERC-20, this blockchain suffers from low speed of transactions and fluctuations in the size of the commissions. Therefore, after the start of your project Ethereum, Mobius switched to Stellar, the log created by Ripple co-founder jed Machalaba (Jed McCaleb). As the Ripple in front of him, Stellar has been designed specifically for quick payments.

Despite the fact that the developers of Ethereum say about the active work on the problem of scaling network, Gobo said they could not wait when the team reaches significant results. He also stressed the existence of problems with the safe deployment of smart contracts.

In addition, an important value for Gobo and his team had what Stellar supports multiporpose wallets at the Protocol level, which greatly facilitates the storage means. Gobo recognizes that Stellar has its drawbacks, but his company is ready to put up with them for a quick and cheap transactions.

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