State television in China: the blockchain is ten times more important than the Internet

During the broadcast of the Sunday edition of the financial column «Dialogue» on China Central television (CCTV) presenter Chen Weijun (Chen Weihong) conducted a one hour discussion, which was devoted to training a wide audience of the concept, potential and risks of the technology of the blockchain.

The conversation also took part the famous personality in the field of the blockchain, such as don Tapscott (Don Tapscott) — author of the book «Revolution of blockchain,» Chen lei (Lei Chen) is the CEO of giant cloud service, Xunlei, Zhang Shouchen (Shoucheng Zhang) is a Professor of physics at Stanford University and founder of venture company Danhua Capital, which invests in the technology of the blockchain.

After Tapscott and Chen lei started the discussion, explaining the basic concept of the technology of the blockchain, the presenter suggested that the blockchain in their significance for the society is ten times the value of the Internet:

«The value of the Internet is to gather information in one place. Doing this Google and Facebook. We are entering an era of decentralized information, where people can own their own data. This is the real value of the blockchain technology, which makes it outstanding».

Despite the fact that the program was dedicated to emerging technologies, the air still sounded critical statements in relation to the initial placement of tokens (ICO). Each of the program explained to the audience how to recognize fraudulent ICO. This question has been raised by CCTV last week. The presenter stated that the digital tokens continue to spread among investors in the country despite the ban imposed by the Chinese authorities in September 2017.

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