Steve Wozniak: bitcoin should become the single currency of the Internet

Co-founder of Apple Computers Steve Wozniak shares the view of the head of Twitter Jack Dorsey, who believes that bitcoin will supersede from the market of altcoins.

«I was attracted by the idea that people all over the world can use a single currency, despite the fact that they are separated by national borders. I agree with Jack Dorsey, not because it will happen, but because I want to be so,» he said.

CEO of Twitter and Square, Dorsey said recently that within one decade, the bitcoin can become the common currency of the Internet.

Wozniak said that he believes bitcoin is the true equivalent of gold – it even has certain advantages over precious metal: a limited number of coins and complete decentralization.

«There are a certain limited number of bitcoins that can exist. Gold continue to produce. Perhaps the volume of gold in the world is limited, but nobody knows how. The volume of cryptocurrency is determined mathematically, and math can’t change no one» – said Wozniak.

Wozniak also positively relates to Ethereum, especially from the point of view of its application as a platform, not only as a payment system. In his opinion, the project could be the next Apple, in terms of its status in the technology sector.

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