Steve Wozniak: the world will get used to the blockchain

Co-Founder Of Apple Inc., inventor and computer programmer Steve Wozniak told today at the conference in the «Olympic» that the world soon will take the technology of the blockchain.

«The world will get used to it, because the blockchain is universal. With it you can do so much. This technology everywhere. It cannot be changed from any one point. She has immunity, because there is no single Central authority. But it will take time before the full-fledged humanity will use this technology.»

One of the reasons of distrust of the blockchain, according to the engineer from Silicon valley, was the equating of technology to the most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin.

Steve Wozniak:

«There are many proposals, based on the blockchain, including cryptocurrencies. Each cryptocurrency has some element of Central control. Otherwise the business model is impossible. So the blockchain misunderstood, and the benefits it gives. Previously, these benefits are impossible to experience. The blockchain is not equal to bitcoin».

Wozniak had previously experimented with cryptocurrencies and bought bitcoins. The engineer, as he publicly stated before, bored with the track course, and he sold the cryptocurrency. However, the topic of cryptocurrencies remains interesting.

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