Stock exchange of Gibraltar will hold in February, the adjustable ICO

Cryptocurrency exchange Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) – a subsidiary of the Stock exchange of Gibraltar (GSE), announces open ICO, which will be held from 7 to 14 February 2018. In December 2017 GBX already held a private presales tokens RKT, informally named the Rock Token in honor of rock – the symbol of Gibraltar, among institutional investors, which raised more than $21 million. Open the ICO is expected to sell 60 million RKT total nominal value of $6 million.

Stock exchange of Gibraltar is governed by the laws of the European Union, and its subsidiary GBX intends to create a platform for trading crypto assets have undergone a rigorous selection and relevant EU legislation in the securities area. This obviously means that the listing on the exchange will be allowed only tokens are utilities that fail the test Howie. In addition, GBX is expected to create a platform for the conduct of regulated ICO.

Nick Cowan (Nick Cowan), SEO and GBX GSE, commented on the forthcoming ICO:

Creating systems based on the principles of regulation is necessary because the blockchain industry has entered a phase of maturity and its members want to be sure in stable markets.

ICO was made possible thanks to the new regulatory framework of the Gibraltar, which became effective January 1, 2018. Covers companies using the technology of the blockchain, including GBX. More precisely, the definition reads as: «Companies registered in Gibraltar, and using the technology of the blockchain for storage or transmission of values belonging to others and whose activities are not regulated the other financial services will be regulated in Gibraltar.

Ecosystem GBX

The December pre-sale has already brought GBX $21 million over 210 million RKT. These funds, as well as collected at the forthcoming ICO will be used to develop trading platforms GBX, and its further expansion. GBX focused on service and support cryptocurrency projects at all stages of their development.

GBX intends to conduct tocancel similar to the already existing, but in the full and unequivocal compliance with the new regulatory framework. On the trading floor will host only the highest quality cryptocurrency assets, and trading will be permitted investors, past all the procedure KYC/AML. The company will enjoy all the benefits of a favorable regulation.

RKT represent the tokens of the standard ERC-20 and will be traded on the public blockchain of Ethereum. RKT holders will receive preferential treatment in the conduct of tomenselo, in addition, they will be charged a trading fee of the platform. GBX plans to use them in future e-money.

The government of Gibraltar – a territory belonging to great Britain, but with the status of the Overseas Territories, is extremely serious about ICO GBX, and the head of Financial Services of Gibraltar (analogue of the Ministry of Finance) together with Cowen will hold in late January, the London conference on the future of tocancel.

If successful, it is possible that regulated ICO will become the new trend of the cryptocurrency industry 2018. The next project may well be Estonian Estcoin.

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