Stock exchange Shenzhen stock exchange is investigating manipulation on the popularity of the blockchain

Shenzhen stock exchange, China (SZSE) investigates the work is the second of the open joint-stock company after the announcement of the partnership with blockchain startup. SZSE are traded on government securities and stock of the self-regulating public companies.

According to a letter released Tuesday, SZSE requires the manufacturer of medical equipment Lifesense announced details of its cooperation with the blockchain startup to create a research laboratory, whose goal is to accelerate the implementation of the blockchain in the healthcare industry. Shortly after the announcement of the company the stock price rose 10% and reached the daily limit SZSE, has attracted the attention of the exchange control.

Stock exchange stopped trading stocks Lifesense and ordered the company to submit details to confirm the establishment of a research laboratory, including investment share Lifesense, the principles of the laboratory, its employees and the expected projects in the next three years, as well as other information. In fact, the exchange has questioned the fact that the organization is going to do research in the field of blockchain and suspects her of manipulating the stock price.

On Monday it was reported that SZSE ordered another public company to provide evidence of testing technology of the blockchain. The emergence of a second case in a week indicates that stock exchanges of the country can take a course to fight false statements about the involvement of companies in the development of the blockchain, which affect the value of their shares.

In mid-January, SZSE published
warning via his channel on WeChat that the prices of shares are rising after the statements associated with bloccano, which are not always true. According to the report
state media Beijing News that at present, a total of more than 20 public companies subject to investigation of Shenzhen and Shanghai stock exchanges.

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