Stolen from Coincheck NEM tokens discovered on the exchanges in Canada and Japan

As a result of hacking of the exchange Coincheck has been stolen 523 million tokens NEM. And now, after quite a bit of time newspaper of the Central Committee of the Communist party of Japan (Yes, Japan has it too) has reported that 24 million of the stolen coins NEM discovered on the Japanese stock exchange Zaif.

Stolen NEM was able to track with a special system of tags that have been created by a team of developers of the platform. These tags crypto currency exchange may determine that a particular account is stored the stolen coins.

«Coincheck_stolen_funds_do_not_accept_trades : owner_of_this_account_is_hacker», — such message the system has tagged 11 of the wallet addresses of the hackers.

With this automatic system tags crypto currency exchange can easily identify the addresses of the hackers and fraudsters, and thereby deny them to convert coins NEM in another cryptocurrency or Fiat currency.

Thus the fraudsters are unlikely to convert tokens into something else. According to the developers, the safest option for hackers is to store tokens NEM, otherwise their identity will be revealed.

Tech Bureau is the operator of the exchange Zaif and registered with the financial services Agency of Japan (FSA). Under the law, the Tech Bureau is obliged to provide any information about the client that may help to clarify the identity of the offender. However, the company still has not provided the information.

According to the latest data, 6 of 11 purses, owned by hackers since January trying to send small amount of coins on various exchanges.

According BIG the Blockchain Intelligence, the fraudsters tried to translate the stolen tokens NEM through the stock exchange in Vancouver, and then maybe send them back to Japan. President and co-founder of BIG, has refused to call the exchange, the amount of tokens and the expected place of departure payment. However, all these and other necessary data will be sent to the law enforcement authorities of Canada and the United States.

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