STORM Tokens in the Freelance Marketplace Enhances Efficiency and Profitability

Extending the virtues of decentralization to universal freelance empowerment where employers place a much higher emphasis on technology and automation, rendering the traditional work schedule nearly obsolete is providing more convenient and effective service delivery processes across the globe.

Working from everywhere

Companies hire people from all over the world while maintaining operational efficiencies and reducing costs. The digital world allows for a company to hire a software developer from Brazil, a user experience designer from England, and community manager from India. This is a major advantage to both parties: task performers are no longer bound by geographical location and task posters are able to hire from the global talent pool.

Even though the freelance marketplace has experienced huge adoption and the existing platforms enjoyed significant patronage, the current marketplace structure with is dominated by centralized platforms still leaves room for more convenient and effective services.

With companies like Fiverr, Taskrabbit, Upwork, and Mechanical Turk having their workforces distributed throughout the world, the setbacks that arise from transaction fees and relatively slow speeds of transaction leaves room for better developments and experiences.

A more effective system

Blockchain as a decentralized ledger whose functions are secure, transparent, fast and effective offers an unmatching solution that enhances the transaction and procedural performance of the global freelance ecosystem.

By using the STORM Token, StormX Inc in partnership with leading industry players such as QTUM, Jaxx, Kyber Network, ZenCash and Bancor is creating a platform that improves the efficiency and compatibility of the freelance marketplace, making it possible for anyone at anytime to earn from anywhere across the globe.

StormX, Inc. has a strong history of success amassing over 1 million downloads across 187 different countries through its application, Storm Play. The platform is powered by an underlying ERC-20 token that will facilitate transactions within an opt-in, secured, gamified marketplace, that will eventually be run by blockchain based smart contracts on Ethereum. These token are currently available to the public in a crowdsale which closes on December 7 2017.

A team that delivers

The performance and success so far of the STORM Token can be linked with a robust technology which is not only backed by established companies, but also enjoys the support of top industry experts in its advisory team. These experts include the likes of Bill Shihara of Bittrex, Anthony Di lorio of Jaxx & Decentral, Jeff Pulver of Voip Vonage and Tom Bollich of MadHive, among others.

Blockchain technology and decentralization continues to open up more opportunities, creating room for improved innovation empowerment of humankind. The use of tokens as tools for secure transactions and effective liquidity is a blessing that the world will appreciate for a very long time.

Storm Token ICO is finishing within the next day, so participants need to hurry.

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