Students of world’s universities go to courses on cryptocurrency and the blockchain

On University campuses around the world, the growing popularity of courses bitcoin and blockchain technology. Simultaneously, educational institutions are developing innovative ways to attract talent. For example, Sofia University in Bulgaria offers to its students a scholarship in bitcoins.

The increase in demand for courses in Bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology is observed in almost all the world’s leading universities.

Students of different departments tend to take courses that tell about the technological models are based on Bitcoin and Ethereum, such as decentralized consensus, registers with the function append-only, smart contracts and proof of zero knowledge. In addition, students interesting and practical side of working with cryptocurrencies.

Interest in such programs growing at a frantic pace. American Professor David Yarmak (David Yarmack), who lectures about bitcoin in 2014, said that recently he rented out for the audience of 180 seats, but the lecture has registered 225 participants, so the Professor had to find more room.

And this situation is not unique. Group learning technologies of cryptocurrencies are always in short supply. The author of several publications and articles about Bitcoin, Nathaniel Popper (Nathaniel Popper), recently wrote:

«Last month, during the first lecture, «Cryptoamnesia of the blockchain and the future of technology, business and law» students of the University of California and UC Berkeley relied on the walls and sitting in the aisles».

A leading Professor of information technology dawn song (Dawn Song), consoled his students with the words: «a Huge number of other students wanted to be in your place».

University curricula and online courses on cryptocurrency

Together with the growing demand for training increases the need for specialists with experience in the field of cryptocurrency. At the moment, the job market there is an acute shortage of such specialists. As you know, demand creates supply, so many universities began to include in its programme the study of the technology of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. In addition to the new educational programs that attract students in other innovative ways.

Training courses on the Internet are also popular. Princeton University together with the educational project Coursera has developed one of the most popular programs are now called «Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies.»

Online courses at Stanford University propose to study topics such as oldoini, consensus protocols, policies and programmes of mining and, of course, the transaction of Bitcoin.

For anybody not a secret that bitcoin and blockchain technology carry many new and fantastic business decisions. To take advantage of these opportunities, need qualified specialists. Therefore, colleges and universities play an important role in the dissemination of knowledge about the technology of the blockchain, the promotion of assimilation of bitcoin and the establishment of future specialists in this innovative industry.

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