Study: 14% of young people investing in cryptocurrencies

According to the results of a survey by the Japanese online edition Shin R25, the main readers of which are youth, 14% of young people aged between 20 to 25 years owned digital assets.

The survey was conducted from January to March this year. More than 25% of the respondents stated that this is their first investing experience, 92% said that they invested in digital assets, their available funds. Interest in the cryptocurrency 37.4% of the respondents explained that it is fashionable, and 19.9% drew attention to the cryptocurrency because of their popularity in the media.

For nested sums, 34.5% of respondents have invested in the cryptocurrency less than 50 thousand yen (about $ 470), the amount of one million yen ($9360) and more could afford only 10.2% of respondents.

Most of who participated in the survey admitted that he had bought the bitcoin at peak prices in October-December 2017. And only 15% did so after falling sharply in early 2018.

However, 47.1% stated that they intend to continue to invest heavily in digital assets, and only 35.4% are not going to do it anymore.

Analyst in Finance and cryptocurrency Joseph young (Joseph Young) was surprised by the results of the survey and commented on this on Twitter:

«This is a very high level of confidence. I was expecting that the result will be less than 10% even for Japan — a country that is a leader in this market.»

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