Study: 21% of students in the United States uses the loans to buy cryptocurrency

According to the survey, conducted by Student website, 21% of College students using money from their student loans to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The survey involved 1000 respondents.

The study revealed that one fifth of the students used the money is intended to cover expenditure on studies, the purchase of digital currencies. The founder of Student Loan Report drew cloud (Cloud Drew) said:

«Young Americans, of course, with the greatest enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency. They are active investors and want some way to participate in the work industry. However, I do think that the percentage of students who invest in the cryptocurrency their loans will be lower. College students are usually very poor and the «extra» money to use to cover rent, buy food or books.»

Lawyer Adam Minsky, Boston (Adam Minsky) noted that the purchase of cryptocurrencies through the proceeds of a loan to study «legally questionable». Minsky, specializing in student loans, says the Federal government may question the connection between these investment education.

However, the discussion of the results of the research in the article
Student Loan Report, the noted that if students have additional funds on loans at the moment, they should think about how to «put the money in a savings account with high yield, in order to subsequently use them to reduce loan payments».

The study did not specify the other issues, so it is unknown how many students on average are investing in cryptocurrency. Christian Catalini (Christian Catalini), Professor at mit, who studies crypto-currencies, expressed the hope that «this small sum». He noted, however, that the interest of the students to digital assets is the hallmark of a generation in relation to Finance.

«There is a new generation of consumers who usually do not believe in traditional financial institutions, and I think they with curiosity and excitement to use this new asset class,» said Catalini.

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