Study: 34 000 smart contracts Ethereum contain vulnerabilities

A group of researchers from Singapore and the UK argues that it has identified 34 000 vulnerable smart contracts in the Ethereum blockchain, containing 4.4 million dollars.

But as they managed to find a way to prevent the negative consequences of such vulnerabilities, detecting them in advance. That millions of dollars in Ethereum could be at risk due to poorly coded smart contracts that contain a variety of errors, stated in their technical report, which is checked by experts.

The authors of the report understand smart contracts, Ethereum, «finding contracts or lock up funds for an indefinite period, or carelessly distribute them to random users, or can be lost anyone.»

In 2017, $ 500 million was lost because of errors in the code, and about half of this figure concerned Ethereum. Researchers believe that such error caused the vulnerability discovered in multiporpose version of purse Parity, which was stolen 153 000 ETH.

The authors of the report claim that used the tool to analyze nearly a million smart contracts, of which 34 200 turned out to contain vulnerabilities, of which 2365 were associated with individual projects. This means that about 3.4% of all contracts are potentially vulnerable to hacking.

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