Study: 46% of all investment in the ICO collected projects from Europe

A study conducted by Atomico, the well-known European venture capital firm, shows that almost half of all investitsii obtained through the initial placement of tokens (ICO), were collected in Europe. The results were published in the third edition of the State of European Tech Report, the company Atomico.

Evaluation Atomico against ICO for the most part based on data collected TokenData. Although 90% of all funding raised via the ICO, received within 2017, stated below, we analyzed all data since 2014.

Atomico, the report argues that the European ICO received 46% of total funding invested in the initial placement of tokens or approximately 1.76 billion. The report also says that nearly half of funds raised in Europe, went to Swiss companies, mainly those based in Zug.

This region is known for its positive attitude to technology of the blockchain and cryptocurrency that has made it an international center of innovation in the field of Finance. The study says that approximately 828 million dollars was received through ICO in Switzerland, which is approximately 47% of all funds collected in Europe.

The report says that «Europe is well placed to play a key role in Cryptoprotected». The document also noted that «more and more developers are involved in work on digital currencies, especially in matters related to Ethereum».

Based on GitHub data analysis by Deloitte, the report concluded that in the UK, Germany and Russia carried out the largest number of projects in Europe related bloccano. According to the data of the 8 265 active bloschanevych projects in Europe, the UK accounts for 1 674 project, Germany — 1 307 and Russia — 721. However, in the United States is developing 9 565 active projects.

Thus, Europe has the largest number of active Bitcoin nodes — 5 221. Followed by the United States with 3 375 nodes, and then China with 622.

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