Study: 60% of Americans know about bitcoin, 5% own

Global Blockchain Business Council and Survey Monkey have teamed up to assess the relationship of Americans to the most popular cryptocurrency in the world — bitcoin. They found that awareness of decentralized currency is growing, but the share of owners of a digital asset remains relatively low, although rapidly increasing from year to year.

In the middle of this month were interviewed 5 761 people to find out their attitude towards bitcoin. Survey Monkey, one of the organizers of the study, notes that «the selection was made on the basis of age, race, gender, education and location using data from the census Bureau of the United States, which helped to reflect the demographic composition of the country.»

The last time such a large-scale survey
was conducted in 2013 by the company On Device in preparation for the London conference. There’s only about 25% of Americans know about bitcoin. The survey, conducted this month, shows more dramatic results — six out of ten respondents said they heard about bitcoin.

According to the survey, only 5% of respondents own a smartphone. 21% of respondents say that «considering adding bitcoin to their portfolios». The main holders of cryptocurrencies are white males under the age of 34 years (58%). According to the study, about 10% of Millennials (which according to other studies
prefer a decentralized currency), own bitcoin, while among the elderly owners of cryptocurrency less than 1%. The survey also showed that less than 20% of bitcoin owners have more faith in government than in cryptocurrency.

A third of the owners uses bitcoin, «to avoid state regulation», 28% see it as «a means of preserving capital» and 63% believe the cryptocurrency is «a good investment». Owners of bitcoin are three times more likely than those who do not have bitcoins, said that they will get more bitcoins if they have the extra thousand dollars.

38% of all respondents (and 41% of bitcoin owners) believe bitcoin is a bubble that will burst this year. Approximately 31% say the same about stocks, and 27% believe that it will happen with housing prices. However, the survey results show that almost 70% of respondents expect growth of prices of bitcoin in the next 5 years. About 10% believe that it will disappear over the same period.

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